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My First Giveaway: The Details & Why It Means Something to Me

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As you may have seen on my page, I’m doing a giveaway with three other amazing vendors. 

I want to talk more about it in this weekend’s blog post because this giveaway is really special to me. I’ll talk about this in a minute, but first, I’d like to go into detail about the giveaway & what it entails. 

This giveaway is going to be won by either a healthcare professional or first responder only. It is by nomination by someone or it is a submission for yourself & the rule is either the one doing the submission(or the nominee) or their fiancé have to be in one of these career types. 

Then the submission/nomination has to include a one or two paragraph email explaining simply what career path & how the pandemic has effected their wedding planning. This email is sent to me directly. Once the entry is closed, the other vendors & myself will discuss the emails & choose a winner. 

The other main rule or preference really - is what regions the wedding is to be held at. All 4 of us vendors are small Oregon based companies & traveling a wide range would be difficult. That is why we’ve limited the regions to the Portland Metro area - which means as far north as Vancouver, Troutdale to the east, St. Helens to the west & Wilsonville to the south. Other areas include the mid-Willamette Valley, which includes from Wilsonville to Albany & Dallas to Detroit. And finally, Central Oregon which includes Camp Sherman, Sisters, Bend, Redmond, La Pine, Prineville & Madras. 

In our requirements, we asked for people to tag two friends & follow each vendor. These are not required to be considered! They are preferred but do not hinder our decision. There was a lot of information written out (which I apologize! That’s my fault 🙈) to try to make it as straightforward as possible. I tried really hard to make sure there wasn’t any confusion. 

Now for the exciting part, what the winner actually receives! From myself - the winner receives a free partial or full service planning package. This includes, the creation & execution of a timeline, rehearsal walkthrough, budget management, vendor selection, design management & execution, unlimited communication, etc. I handle it all or the majority! 

From Statement Piece, the winner receives a $250 credit towards custom signage that can be acrylic or wood, hand lettered & painted to your customization! These can be for yours to keep or simply a rental. From Elevate Design & Rental you will receive a complete welcome table package! The picture we’ve posted with the tables include all of the items in the package. Devyn (yes this boss babe runs both of these incredible businesses!) will not disappoint you with these packages! 

Finally, from VAMP Beauty! Chelsea is offering a complete bridal hair & make up package that includes a trial & any hair style. 

The three of us really came together to make a wonderful giveaway! 

As I said earlier, this giveaway is really special to me. I don’t have anyone close to me in either of these career paths, so that’s not why it’s special to me. There are a couple reasons really. 

The first is, this is my first giveaway. I really wanted my first giveaway to be meaningful. As a planner it’s hard to do giveaways because not everyone that enters them is getting married or have plans to host private events. That means joining other business’ giveaways or being asked to be a part of them isn’t always beneficial for anyone. That meant creating my own. Which gave me the complete freedom & creativity! In this giveaway, I accomplish those goals! It’s beneficial, meaningful, & through my own creativity. 

The second reason is, through these crazy times - everything is so uncertain & scary, for everyone! But the people who are battling every day for us is our healthcare professionals & first responders! They work tirelessly to take care of the sick & help our communities. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fight this battle. As someone who is close to another that has underlying conditions & under constant precautions, having a team work so diligently to make sure they’re cared for makes me very grateful. 

All in all, I am so grateful for those hard working & selfless people on the front lines. We should all be! So please work with Chelsea, Devyn & myself to thank them properly by nominating them & sharing with them this incredible prize! Or enter a submission for yourself & fiancé because DANG do you deserve this ❤️

By the way, I’m pretty positive that when this is over I’m going to want to say everyone wins! 😂🙈

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