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A lot of people consider their dogs as their fur babies or members of their family.

They go on vacations where dogs are allowed & make sure to include them wherever they can.

So why not do the same for a wedding?

Here are the top ways of including you beloved fur baby in your big day!

Number One

Have them as another member of the bridal party!

Anymore, you see pups dressed up alongside their humans on the big day. From wearing bowties or ties to even wearing their own floral crowns around their necks. Having them dressed up is an incredible way for them to feel included while also providing an extra sweetness to the wedding photos. When you see these pups in pictures, they often have huge smiles on their faces – it is literally the sweetest thing!

Besides dressing them up, you can choose to have your pup act as a ring bearer – having them carry the ring down the aisle is so utterly adorable! Especially breeds who are working dogs or like to have a job seem to take an extra liking to this position in the wedding. But any dog just wants to be included with their families.

Number Two

Pet friendly wedding favors!

If your four-legged best friend isn’t able to join you on the big day, honor them in other ways. Have your guests grab a pet friendly treat for their babies as a gift from yours to theirs. It’s a fun way of also involving your guests’ love for their own fur babies.

These treats can be as simple or intricate as you’d like. From an individual treat in a little bag to a gourmet treat with a little note. It really allows you as the bride & groom to customize it to your liking!

Number Three

Pet inspired signature cocktails!

Customize your signature cocktails to describe your pet’s personality instead of your own. It’s another fun way of including your pet if they’re not able to celebrate with you. It’s a great way to play with your day & have a great conversation piece or starter.

Simply think of your dog’s personality & if they were a drink what would it include or what would it be? For example, my dog Sam is an Australian Shepherd & if I made a signature cocktail about him I would choose either a whisky sour or an old fashioned – whisky base because he’s warm & cuddly (like the whisky burn) but then is also spirited & full of life (which would be the sour or sugar & orange).

It’s an amusing aesthetic to any wedding!

Number Four

Include them in pictures!

Of course, this one probably seems like the most “well duh” idea but it’s a classic regardless!

Including your pets – not just dogs, in your engagement pictures because you may not be able to include them in any other ways throughout your wedding. Like horses, cats, birds, etc. can be more difficult to include so having these photos makes them more included even if they can’t be in other ways.

Having these photos too means you can include them in your invitations or on your wedding website if you choose! These pictures could also be used on a table during the reception at your wedding so they can be there without being present.

Number Five


Include your beloved fur babies on your cake through the cake topper or maybe even have your baker make a little figure to place on the cake elsewhere.

When choosing a way to honor your fur baby, think of how it’ll fit best with your day. Make sure it’s compatible with your venue & that your pet won’t distract from your day but enhance it. If their physical presence will be a distraction maybe using another idea to have them included is the day to go. Ultimately you will make the best decision & inclusion for your big day! Enjoy it & have your entire family be involved.

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