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Spring Trends 2020

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Spring has sprung!

It’s time for new life, new colors, & new ideas. If your next chapter is to take place during this time of year (or supposed to be…dang coronavirus 🙄) then this blog is all about you!

From color palettes to décor ideas – this blog post will cover some of our favorite trends of 2020 for spring.

When we think of spring – we tend to think of pastels for colors, typically. 2020 trends would agree. This is the time for neutral or light colors. One of the most common being sage green.

Sage green is an easy color to pair across the board whether you want to keep it completely neutral with earth tones or if you want to add a brighter color such as lavender or blush pink.

Across the board, earth tones are the most common trend for spring. It is a refreshing & simple elegance color palette. These tones really enable couples to embody a clean & relaxed feel to their wedding while still making it gorgeous overall in décor & florals. Especially for couples based in the Pacific Northwest that want to incorporate this overall feel while appealing to the love of the nature that this territory brings. These colors really allow for these couples to bring the outdoors in by making it appear & feel more natural. Especially adding wood elements with these colors!

Going to the brighter colors in this season – incorporating pastels such as blush pink, dusty blue, lavender, yellow or going even brighter to berry pink or bright purple. These colors really highlight the spirit of springtime. These colors, in our eyes, are the signs of new life that is spring.

Some of the first flowers that bloom this time of year are the colors that are mentioned above so why not be able to use both in your big day? Using florals that are in bloom during this time of year help keep your budget manageable.

Luckily for the couples marrying during May & June, peonies are in bloom! Our personal favorite! While they are delicate & on the spendy-er side of the floral scale – they are insanely gorgeous with their large, soft blossoms. They also come in a variety of colors which means they fit in almost any palette! But I digress. I can always try to sell someone on the beauty of a peony.

Tulips, roses, gerbera daisies, and irises are other amazing blooms during this season that enhance any floral arrangement. They’re budget friendly & also come in several color variations. They all have their unique qualities to help shape arrangements in different ways. Gerber daisies & tulips have open blooms that can be real show pieces in the arrangements themselves. While roses & irises are more closed & intricate that add elegance.

During spring, hyacinth, lilac & hydrangea are also in bloom. These are all larger & combined blooms that add fullness & texture. These florals will enable arrangements to look fuller without having to have many stems. However, there are other gorgeous fillers too, such as Queen Anne’s Lace & waxflower that are similar in the sense that they are larger or multiple blooms.

Aside from the previously mentioned, luscious peony – other gorgeous exotic florals include calla lilies & orchids. These both add another level of elegance. While orchids are known to be delicate, they do add a level of luxury to a wedding. They come in many variations that will enrich any color scheme. Calla lilies are also delicate florals as they can bruise easily but their overall shape also add an interesting appeal. Either of these buds add an intriguing & eye-catching demand to a wedding overall.

Whatever you choose to incorporate any of these spring trends into your wedding design, they speak for themselves & will be sure to catch the eyes of all of your guests. There’s no disappointment in any of the spring color palettes & they pair so easily with the florals that this beautiful time of year brings. If you keep true to the time of year in which you’re getting married in, you’ll be able to manage your budget all while creating a truly gorgeous masterpiece that is your wedding. In our opinion, springtime is the best for flowers, and it is one of the freshest times for trends. Allow your wedding to be elevated in this time & use this time to set your wedding apart. Spring is the time for new life. Your wedding is the start of your new life. Take advantage of the symbolism & enjoy!

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