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To Hire a Planner or Coordinator Or to Not, That Is the Question!

200-300 hours. 8 to 12 full days.

That’s how long Martha Stewart Weddings says it can take to plan a modern wedding without a planner.

That’s a lot of time, when you break it down. But what actually goes into planning a wedding?

Of course, there’s finding the perfect venue. You have to have the best menu for dinner. You have to find the most amazing dress. Make sure the men look dapper. Make sure your girls are stunning.

These things are definitely important – I don’t disagree there. However, there’s more than some may realize. It’s interviews, meetings, emails, phone calls, vision boards, walkthroughs, conversations, research & so much more.

It takes time finding the right vendors for your big day. That could mean countless emails, phone calls or meetings finding the right one that shares your same vision. Upon meeting the “one”, in a vendor, there’s signing a contract and paying a deposit. From there it’s more in-depth communication about your vision or desires. For instance, once you’ve booked THE florist, there’s multiple conversations about the types of flowers you’d love to have as well as every inch of the venue that you’d love to see them. Discussions of your bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the groom’s boutonniere, the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, the arch, the tables…the list can continue on and on. There are conversations about budgets and prices. There are emails and phone calls about colors and availability. I mean it when I say, the list of responses is seemingly endless. Now this is repeated for every vendor, of course discussing whichever their part in the day includes. I make it sound daunting, that’s definitely not my intention – I want those reading this to understand that it is a lot of work and a ton of communication. Organization is absolutely key to keep up with it all!

Another huge element to planning a wedding is budget management. It can be difficult to not be caught up in all of the possibilities & luxuries that are available. As a girl, most brides spend a lot of time growing up dreaming of their big day. When the proposal comes, they are so unbelievably excited to put that dream into action. It’s easy to get lost in the dream but when the budget doesn’t match it can be quite devastating. That’s why it’s so important to keep the budget in mind with each discussion with your vendors. A bride should never be heartbroken or disappointed when their budget doesn’t align with a possibility.

The wedding planning process itself is intense, exhausting, time consuming, amazing, and fun. Then when the wedding time comes, let’s say it’s a traditional weekend wedding, there comes a new element. Putting your plan into actuality; into physicality. It’s time to decorate, set up & prepare. It’s a time of exerting more effort for the design to take place & marveling over your creation. It’s doing the rehearsal what seems like a million times, over and over, until the timing is absolutely perfect.

The day of is full of jitters & excitement. It’s hoping that everything runs smoothly & without hiccup. It’s hoping that everything is finished as you’re getting your hair and make-up done. It’s laughing and reminiscing with your girls as you anticipate walking down the aisle to the person of your dreams. Focusing on the new chapter ahead of you two and hopefully not wondering what’s going on with the food or if everyone is making it to their seat on time. Then it’s that time. You stand at the beginning of the aisle looking at the person you’re marrying, both of you beaming at each other. This is the best day, ever. The rest of the day is a whirlwind. Constantly moving from place to place, part to part, person to person. Never skipping a beat. You dance, laugh and enjoy the rest of the night away.

Reflecting on the day, whether a day or a few days later, what would you have changed?

Would it have been easier to have someone help direct the day of?

Would it have been easier to have a solid timeline?

Would it have been good for someone to direct vendors or to handle all of the questions?

Were you truly able to enjoy your day without stress?

Should you have hired a planner?

Should you have hired a day of coordinator?

First of all – what is the difference?

A wedding planner, full service or partial service, helps you from start to finish planning and guiding you through. They ultimately keep all of those vendor conversations, contracts & visions organized. They are the main point of contact so that you’re able to live your life that’s separate from planning your wedding, because I guarantee you have a job or are a student or are a mother or are a daughter – whatever the case may be. It’s a peace of mind that your wedding is being planned without having to sacrifice what you’re wanting out of your day or your daily life. They will help keep you balanced. Then on your big day, they will make sure that it is everything you’ve dreamed of, within your budget and goes off without a hitch.

Now a day of coordinator, will make sure that your day goes off without a hitch. They will be there for you and will make sure there are smooth transitions between the key elements. They will write out your timeline, do the one million rehearsal walkthroughs, help with decorating, direct the vendors, and anything else you ask of them. Why? Because they want your day to be a success for you.

Whether or not you hire a planner or a day of coordinator, I know one thing to be true, they want your day to be a success and an absolute dream come true. They are your hype person behind the scenes. They have fallen in love with your love story and cannot wait to watch this new chapter in your life to begin!

I am a die hard, hopeless romantic – my number one favorite thing in a wedding is watching the groom’s face as his bride walks toward him. I fall absolutely in love with a love story at that point. I can almost guarantee you, 1000% that any planner or coordinator hired feels the same about weddings. Why else would we do them? We want your happily ever to come true just as much as you.

While the planning process is time consuming and may cause headaches, remember that your vendors are here to help you. Lean on them. And if your budget allows, hire a behind-the-scenes-hype-person. Allow yourself to enjoy this amazing time in your life known as your engagement. Allow yourself to be completely stress free on your wedding day. Allow yourself to be nothing short of happy. Enjoy the transition into your new life as a married person. You deserve it!

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