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Top 5 Favorite - Fun, Unique & Personalized Seating Chart Displays

When you are planning your wedding, do you envision it to be simple & elegant or extravagant & grand?

Small centerpieces with charming décor perhaps with even rustic wood elements. Maybe, tall overflowing centerpieces with gorgeous florals.

Whatever your tastes may be – you still deserve to make this wedding yours! What bride doesn’t want her wedding to be Pinterest worthy? This is true, but there are ways to personalize details to represent you as a couple!

One of the best ways is through a seating chart display.

This is an element of the wedding that is open to all possibilities! Although there are many different ideas that you can do, I am going to provide my top 5 favorites.

Number one – for the couple who loves to travel.

Have the tables listed as some of your favorite places that you’ve traveled together. These places can be countries, national parks, states, cities, amusement parks – anywhere that you & your partner love to go!

Some fun labels can be:

Where in the World Am I Sitting?

Love is a Journey

And So the Adventure Begins

Welcome to Our Journey

+ so many more!

For the seating chart have everyone’s names listed under one of the places you’ve listed. This provides an intimate & personal element to your wedding by being able to go through the memories that you & your loved one share. You can have them written on an acrylic board or a world map!

Another fun idea too is to incorporate your favors into the seating chart. In this instance, you could have a simple peg board with the title of your choosing then have luggage tags hanging from the board with each one labeled with the table name or number.

Number two – shots, shots, shots!

For the couple who love a good party or want their wedding to be a big party. This is an icebreaker to the reception & provides a fun introduction to what the night has to offer.

Pick your favorite(s) liquor of choice & have fun with it!

Some titles for this chart can be:

Grab a Shot & Your Seat

Take a Shot & Take a Seat Because No Good Story Started With a Salad

Patron on Ice & We Can Pop Bottles All Night

For the chart itself – you can have a nice shelf with the shot glasses neatly organized. The shot’s garnish could have a toothpick that states the guest’s name & table number. You could also have a written seating chart with someone serving shots next to it. There are so many ways to have fun with this one!

You can also incorporate favors into this seating chart idea too! You could do personalized shot glasses for the guests to keep. You can have the wedding date & your names on it or even the individual guest’s name with the wedding date. Again, so many fun ideas!

Number three – for the beer & wine connoisseurs

Do you & your partner have a love for beer and/or wine tasting? In the Pacific Northwest, this is one of most couples’ favorite things to do. Whether it’s trying new breweries or wineries, you can have some fun with this one!

Ways to present this chart idea can be different & add a different flair your event. For instance, if your preference is beer, have multiple growlers with table numbers & names on them can add a rustic feel. Or if your preference is wine, have a written board where each table is named after your favorite wineries or vineyards.

Another presentation idea is to have personalized labels on beer bottles that provide the guest with their table number. Or a tray with an open wine bottle, table number & glasses with guest names on them, when the guests find their name, they pour themselves a glass (or someone pours) then they have a seat. Even empty wine bottles from your favorite places, with flowers in them & table numbers written on them. Ugh, so many ideas that I could keep going on & on!

Ways to have your favors in this idea, can be personalized coasters with guests’ names on them. They also serve have the guest’s table number on it.

Number four – keys & key chains

This is a fun idea for the couples who love vintage or antique!

Have antique keys with tags on a board with the guests’ names & tables. Or old school key chains with the details written on them.

If your wedding overall is having rustic, antique or vintage elements this might be an idea for you as it is unique & fun but also follows suit with the overall feel. Some couples like the idea of unique elements without completely going outside the feel of their wedding. This is one of my favorite ways to do this, at least with a vintage theme.

Fun labels for this chart can be:

The Key to Finding Your Seat

Love is the Key to our Seating

+ more!

An awesome favor for this idea, is instead of actual vintage keys (which is always a fun possibility too) is vintage key bottle openers! These are a great & useable favor that will truly have your guests remembering this element of your wedding! I don’t think a single guest will be able to use their bottle opener without thinking of you & that is priceless!

Number five – novelty, fun or unique ideas

Here’s a simple list of other fun & unique ideas that I love:

For the pizza lovers, use pizza boards to write out your tables!

For the hunters, having a target with arrows for each guest with their name & table number!

For the scientists, have a periodic table seating chart – each element is a guest & their table!

For the puzzle lovers, have different puzzle pieces with table numbers & names hanging!

For the board game lovers, have a board with each table being a favorite board game!

Oh. My. Gosh. The fun & personalized ideas can go on & on!

This wedding is YOUR wedding & as much as it can be Pinterest worthy, you deserve to have it personal to the both of you! This is your day & it is all about the two of you so why not add these fun details in there. Show your guests aspects of your love through your favorite things! Adding these details are pieces you will look back on & be thankful that you included.

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